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explore Puerto Rico’s hidden landscapes through these exhilarating and expertly guided excursions
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Many proud Puerto Ricans would identify the numerous unspoiled natural wonders of their island as the fundamental source of all its splendor. EcoQuest Adventures & Tours have seized the opportunity to show visitors some of Puerto Rico’s best hidden landscapes through their exhilarating and expertly guided excursions.

Adventure-types and thrill-seekers can choose their favorite tour package in order to experience Puerto Rico’s breathtaking vistas first hand. The challenging San Salvador Rainforest Adventure is one of the best available on the island. Transportation to the municipality of Caguas, a forty-minute drive from San Juan, is provided by EcoQuest.

The six-hour long trek starts off with a breezy nature hike, but will ultimately test your mettle as you climb, rappel, and zip your way through the San Salvador Rainforest. Winding up along cascading crystal-clear streams that flow into the Turabo River, the marked trail includes several rock climbs with rope and an abundance of native fauna & flora rich in ecological and historical significance. After the hike, it’s time to rest and recharge with snacks and water before the true challenge ahead.

A broad orientation on rappelling is given to the group before beginning your descent down the waterfall. Safety is of utmost importance to EcoQuest, and professionals will guide you from each end of the waterfall. The adrenaline rush as you are enveloped by the cool, refreshing downpour is indescribable and well worth the effort.

Following the San Salvador trail downriver presents the group with another exciting obstacle. A brief explanation on how to use the zip line system and away you go, whisking over the small canyon towards your destination. A second zip line takes you across an even longer span, gliding high above the forest ground below. Your adventure ends with a traditional Puerto Rican meal prepared by local residents, another example of the company’s commitment to preserving the community and surrounding environment.

EcoQuest Adventures & Tours provide an exciting way to experience Puerto Rico while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature’s many riches. It will leave you wanting for more.

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EcoQuest's specialists are readily available to plan your dream excursion in Puerto Rico. Please contact us for advice in selecting your favorite tour or adventure. Reserve your space now. We are located just two minutes away from the airport!