D' Tanning Spa San Juan, PR
The sun is free but your time is not.
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Year Established: 2003

There’s more than one way to get a beautiful bronzed look in Puerto Rico aside from visiting the beach. D’ Tanning Spa, located in the heart of Condado Avenue, offers a healthier & more secure alternative to sunbathing – in under twenty minutes!

Avoid the peeling & sunburn caused by outside exposure and select the most appropriate tanning method for your skin type, with help from owner and certified tanning expert, Janisse Martinez.

Amongst the options available are six (6) to ten (10) minute sessions in one of D’ Tanning’s UV - or ultraviolet light – booths that help you achieve a perfect golden brown tone in a controlled environment while listening to your own music playlist.

Those looking for a temporary and speedy color infusion without exposure to UV light can try the Magic Tan booth: a one-minute spray tan that can last up to ten (10) days.

This FDA-approved establishment also sells specialty beauty and tanning products and is frequented by local celebrities looking for the perfect tan. D’ Tanning Spa offers its clients the expertise and services necessary to deliver on that promise.
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