Casa Pueblo Adjuntas, PR
An admired institution dedicated to educating the public in sustainable development and community activism.


A paragon for grass roots organizations everywhere, Casa Pueblo is the evolution of what began as a hard fought struggle for the conservation of lands in the central mountain region of the island. Now a respected and admired institution, Casa Pueblo continues it’s aim to educate the public in matters related to sustainable development and community activism.

The headquarters, located in a rehabilitated manor in Adjuntas, serves as a cultural center where visitors can learn all about the history of el Taller de Arte y Cultura, as the movement was formerly known. A guided visit to the center encompasses all of Casa Pueblo’s achievements: from it’s initial efforts to prevent strip mining in the surrounding region, to the subsequent enactment of legislation in favor of conserving lands of other municipalities.

Other tour attractions include a butterfly garden, a plant nursery and the Tienda Artesanal. Visitors also get to see first hand the process of grinding and packaging of Café Madre Isla, a self-sufficient, organic coffee venture. With its focus on community development, Casa Pueblo demonstrates that working together towards a collective cause can produce positive results for the common good.