Crash Boat Beach Aguadilla, PR
one of Puerto Rico’s “most photographed” locations, offers visitors various activities and unparalleled beauty


One of the best areas for surfing in Puerto Rico is the coast of the municipality of Aguadilla, where professional surfers from all over the world flock to ride waves in beaches like Wilderness and Gas Chambers. Then there’s the star of this northwestern edge of the island, the beach curiously known as Crash Boat. The name is said to originate from the beach’s former use by the United States Air Force. It used to be a small port with a pier where rescue boats for downed airplanes would dock. The old pier still stretches out into the ocean, enjoyed by beachgoers as part of the scenery.

Its history aside, Crash Boat is now a peaceful spot better known for the abundance of colorful fishing boats strewn along its shore. Being a great locale for fishing, chances are you will run into local residents who make their living on the open waters of the Atlantic.

Kayaking and snorkeling are popular activities here and several businesses conveniently located right on the beach rent out the proper equipment for these and other water activities. Crash Boat’s south side, meanwhile, benefits from calmer waters perfect for wading and relaxing. Although crowded on the weekends, and especially during the summer, Crash Boat can also provide the ideal romantic setting for an evening stroll.

The multi-faceted Crash Boat Beach, said to be one of Puerto Rico’s “most photographed” locations, offers visitors a variety of activities and views of unparalleled beauty that combined have given it its iconic status.
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