Gas Chambers Beach Aguadilla, PR
Gas Chambers is arguably the best break in Puerto Rico and some say the Caribbean.


Puerto Rico’s west coast region, also known as Porta del Sol, has long been a mecca for surfers from all over the world. Traditionally, the municipality of Rincón has been the focal point of the surfing scene, yet other municipalities, especially Aguadilla, can also lay claim to some of the finest spots on the island.

Located to the north of the famous Crash Boat Beach, Gas Chambers is arguably the best break in Puerto Rico and some say the Caribbean. The swells that create these waves usually appear only a handful of times a year and, therefore, are anxiously awaited by local and visiting surfers, eager to conquer the tube. Experience is a must, as Gas Chambers, with waves of up to 20 feet, can be exacting on novices and beginners.

Another popular spot due to it’s longer and more consistent breaks is Wilderness Beach. Located in the Ramey Air Force Base of Aguadilla, the major waves available here attract a considerable amount of surfers trying to prove their mettle. Onlookers also flock to the scene; the sandy beach proving an attractive destination to catch some rays.

Although the waters at both beaches should only be tested by accomplished riders, the opportunity to become a spectator to the island’s most skillful surfers as they master their art in some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful backdrops should be reason enough to visit Gas Chambers and Wilderness.
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