Cañón San Cristóbal & Visitor's Center Barranquitas, PR
one of the island’s purest and most pristine expanses of land, deep in the heart of the Cordillera Central mountains
nature park/reserve


Deep in the heart of the central mountains of la Cordillera Central lies one of the island’s purest and most pristine expanses of land: el Cañón San Cristóbal.

This 9 kilometer rift, located between the municipalities of Aibonito and Barranquitas, is a unique and spectacular geological feature in Puerto Rico.

The canyon is highlighted by several falls and ravines, some over 700 feet deep, carved out over time by the flow of the Usabón River and adjoining creeks.

Although sections of the surrounding landscapes were once threatened by misuse and mismanagement, the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico has been diligently protecting the area for decades. It is now teeming with dense vegetation that serves as habitat to a variety of endemic species of flora and fauna, including the red-tailed hawk or guaraguao.

Arriving at the Visitor’s Center, guests learn about the canyon’s diverse ecosystems and it’s tree nursery with help from Conservation Trust staff members. From there, you can hike the area’s interpretive trails while marveling at the astonishing views provided by nature.
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