Casa Natal de Luis Muñoz Rivera Barranquitas, PR
Luis Muñoz Rivera's childhood home, preserved as a museum by the island’s Institute of Culture.

Year Established: 1857

The municipality of Barranquitas is known as the “Cuna de Próceres” for spawning two of Puerto Rico’s most distinguished and important historical figures: Luis Muñoz Rivera and his son, Luis Muñoz Marín.

Muñoz Rivera – an illustrious politician, journalist, and writer – fought fervently for Puerto Rican autonomy during his lifetime, first as a leader in the Partido Autonomista and then as Resident Commissioner to Puerto Rico in the United States Senate.

His childhood home, located near the town square, is preserved as a museum by the island’s Institute of Culture.

Built in 1857, the home’s exterior evokes the simple architecture of the period, with its wooden structure and corrugated metal roof. The interior, meanwhile, exhibits a collection of Muñoz Rivera’s personal belongings, including his wooden desk, a vintage 1914 Pierce Arrow automobile, and a plaster mask made at his funeral in 1916.

His body is interred at the family mausoleum in the San Antonio De Paduas Cemetery on the outskirts of town.

The Muñoz family’s legacy in island politics cannot be overstated. The Casa Natal de Luis Muñoz Rivera serves as a remembrance of their historical significance.