Los Morrillos Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo Cabo Rojo, PR
located atop a 200 feet high red stone cliff, the lighthouse guides ships across the highly treacherous Mona Passage since 1881
historical site

Year Established: 1881

During the 19th century, Spain’s government decided to secure Puerto Rico’s coast by erecting a system of lighthouses all around the island. Many of these lighthouses are now open to visitors, including Cabo Rojo’s popular Los Morrillos Lighthouse. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that it still guides ships across the highly treacherous Mona Passage, the strait that connects the Caribbean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.

The lighthouse was built in 1881 in the simple yet imposing neo-classical style and in the following year started illuminating the southwestern coast of the island. It is located atop a 200 feet high red stone cliff, which is in fact what the municipality’s name translates to: Cabo Rojo. Since the most recent restoration project, completed in 2007, visitors can explore the rooms inside the now-automated lighthouse, including the former lodgings of the lighthouse keeper and the engineer. The hexagonal tower stands 60 feet tall above the main building, its spiral staircase leading up to the lantern.

The sloping path up to the lighthouse offers a more challenging hiking or biking experience than the nearby salt flats. The turquoise waves of the Caribbean Sea lap the cliffs down below on this edge of the breathtaking Cabo Rojo Bay. The rough terrain gives way to coves of soft, white sand, perfect for beach lovers seeking a different type of locale to enjoy the cool waters and get lost. Ships and boats won’t get lost, however, thanks to Los Morrillos.
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