Balneario & Poblado de Boquerón Cabo Rojo, PR
Popular year-round because of its dazzling beaches and numerous attractions


Popular year-round because of its dazzling beaches and numerous attractions, Cabo Rojo’s most visited destination continues to be Boquerón. The public beach – known simply as the Balneario de Boquerón – has always been a major vacation spot, due in large part to the well-kept, government-administered cottages located near its shores that offer an affordable and convenient way to fully appreciate the area.

The beach’s calm, azure waters are perfect to let the kids frolic in, while shade from nearby palm trees provides some protection against the sun. Gazebos, picnic tables, and other facilities abound throughout the grounds – offering alternatives for the whole family to enjoy the balneario.

The nearby fishing village, known as the Poblado de Boquerón, is where residents and tourists gather to enjoy food, drinks, and music. Area restaurants offer only the freshest seafood caught by local fishermen, including the “ostión” or oyster. A trademark to these parts, the inconspicuous tables filled with ostiones are set up all along the Poblado’s streets, beckoning hungry passers-by to try a few. After sundown, crowds gather at the local bars to enjoy some drinks, relishing the laid-back attitude that characterizes Boquerón.

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$3.00 Parking Fee
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