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Bahía Bioluminiscente Laguna Grande Fajardo, PR
an extraordinary rare and beautiful natural phenomenon seldom seen anywhere else in the world


Puerto Rico’s eastern coast – host to some of the island’s best known attractions – has been blessed with an extraordinary rare and beautiful natural phenomenon seldom seen anywhere else in the world: the bioluminescent waters of Laguna Grande.

Located in the municipality of Fajardo, Laguna Grande’s unique conditions allow for visitors to marvel at the unique spectacle year-round. Eco-friendly tours depart regularly from the public dock at the small fishing village of Las Croabas located on route 987. Several private companies are ready to take you on a two-hour night-time kayak adventure through the bay and into the mangrove channels that lead to Laguna Grande.

Visitors can appreciate Fajardo’s lighthouse, which sits atop the nearby grounds of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. The lighthouse looks over the enclosed, shallow-water lagoon, where endless amounts of microscopic, single-celled organisms known as dinoflagellates light up like stardust whenever they are activated by movement.

An expert tour guide can make the experience richer through the proper explanation of this unique phenomenon, the particularities of Laguna Grande, and its ecological importance.

Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of the few scattered around the island – and one of the last that remain around the world. Visitors to Puerto Rico’s Laguna Grande are still privy to the delights offered by this increasingly uncommon phenomenon and should take advantage of this opportunity we hope will remain for future generations to enjoy.
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