Museo Casa Canales Jayuya, PR
this faithful recreation of late 19th century living allows visitors to experience that moment in time and learn about the Canales family


Time has instilled Puerto Rico’s mountain municipality of Jayuya with a genuine sense of history and culture parallel to the significant natural beauty of its emerald peaks. Situated high atop the island’s singular mountain range, known as La Cordillera Central, the Casa Canales museum preserves an integral part of that history.

The house was constructed during the late 19th century by family patriarch Rosario Canales Quintero, the founder and first mayor of Jayuya. Two of his offspring would grow to become important figures in Puerto Rico’s national history. His son, born Nemesio Canales, became a prominent writer, lawyer, and politician, still admired for having been a leading proponent for universal suffrage and a champion of women’s rights.

Rosario’s daughter, Blanca Canales, headed the Jayuya Uprising during the Nationalist Party’s 1950 revolt against American rule on the island.

The unsuccessful attempt at securing her country’s independence did not relinquish the desire for an autonomous Puerto Rico, and Blanca remained an advocate of freedom until her death in 1996.

Although the original house no longer exists, this faithful recreation allows visitors to experience the living conditions of the time and learn about the family’s contributions to Puerto Rican history. The surrounding peaks of the nearby Los Tres Picachos summit add to an already fulfilling experience.
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