El Palacete Los Moreau Moca, PR
this mansion was completed in 1905 and is now the only structure left from a 19th century hacienda
historical site

Year Established: 1905

The unique architectural landmark known as El Palacete Los Moreau is located in the municipality of Moca on Puerto Rico’s western Porta del Sol region. Part of the Hacienda Irurena, a 19th Century coffee plantation, this mansion was completed in 1905 and is now the only structure left from the old hacienda. Designed by engineer Paul Servajean in the french “chateau” style of the time, the palace features huge porticos and front end spires.

Shortly after the the house was completed in 1905, sugarcane became the principal crop cultivated on the surrounding land. Enrique Laguerre, one of Puerto Rico’s most celebrated writers, based his classic novel “La Llamarada” on this period in the plantation’s history, then known as the Castillo Labadie.

Now administered by the municipality of Moca after several years of abandonment, the property was restored as a museum and renamed the Palacete Los Moreau, in honor of Laguerre’s fictional characters. Rooms feature authentic period furniture and include a public library named after the author. After passing away in 2005, Enrique Laguerre’s remains were interred in the grounds of the estate, forever linking him to the place made famous by his skillful writing.
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