Paseo Tablado La Guancha Ponce, PR


Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second largest municipality, is steeped in history and culture, with beautiful architecture and plenty of museums to explore. Also known as “The Pearl of the South”, its many charms are not limited to the historical – as proven by the beautiful “Paseo Tablado” or boardwalk known simply as La Guancha.

Located some three miles south from the city’s center and facing the Caribbean Sea, the boardwalk is one of Ponce’s most popular spots for travelers and locals alike – perfect for leisurely strolls while enjoying the sea-breeze. Boats from the nearby Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club can be seen leaving and entering the harbor from here, enhancing an already relaxing view. There are also several kiosks that serve local food, “fritters”, and drinks; making La Guancha even more popular with visitors, who end up staying more time than originally planned.

At one end of the boardwalk you can climb atop a 50-foot high observation tower that offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. There’s easy access to the “Playa de Ponce” or Ponce Beach as well – and although its waters are not really fit for swimming, don’t hesitate to get your feet wet and enjoy the sun during an afternoon stroll.

Another popular activity at La Guancha is feeding the pelicans, seagulls, and fish that wait for visitors around the dock. And the more adventurous will be glad to know that a ferry to Caja de Muertos or “Coffin Island”, some 45 minutes away, makes scheduled trips from this area every week.

The atmosphere at night is more festive, especially during weekends, when kiosks crowd up and music fills the air. You could easily spend the day enjoying La Guancha’s simple charms and stay until the last song has been played.
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