El Faro de Punta Higüero en Rincón Rincón, PR
guiding ships along the western coast's treacherous waters since 1892

Year Established: 1892

Since 1892, the Rincón Lighthouse station has been guiding ships along Puerto Rico’s western coast as they make their way through the treacherous Mona Passage, where waters from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet. The original lighthouse was lost to a tsunami – triggered by the monumental earthquake that struck the island on October 11th, 1918 – and rebuilt four years later as the cylindrical structure that stands to this day.

Park facilities around the lighthouse allow visitors to take in some of Rincón’s marvelous views and nearby landmarks: Domes beach, a popular surfing hotspot adjacent to the park; the dome-shaped oddity known as the BONUS Plant Nuclear Reactor, decommissioned circa 1969; and the small uninhabited island of Desecheo.

Located on route 4413, and just off the famed route 413, the Rincón Lighthouse Park has become a favorite stop among avid photographers, whale watchers, and visitors looking for the perfect spot from which to marvel at all the beauty that this corner of the coast has to offer.
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