Plaza Las Américas Shopping Mall San Juan, PR
A whopping 2.1 million square feet shopping center, boasting over 300 shops.

Year Established: 1968

Plaza Las Américas is a whopping 2.1 million square feet shopping center situated between Calaf Street, Roosevelt Avenue, and Las Americas Expressway in the heart of the San Juan metropolitan area.

Billed as ‘the center of everything’, Plaza is the premiere shopping center in the Caribbean, boasting over 300 shops – from world-famous department stores and high-end clothing boutiques to specialty stores and everything else under the sun.

During it’s 40-year existence the mall has undergone several expansions and renovations. The most recent was completed in 2000, and utilized Columbus’s discovery of The Americas as a theme, inspiring sculptures, fountains, and art installations that decorate the passageways and entrances to flagship stores. These public artworks serve as popular meeting points for friends and families.

Besides shopping, the mall also provides a variety of services including a pharmacy, banking options, restaurants and a busy food court. A 13-screen multiplex is also the island’s most visited. Taxis to and from the shopping center are available day or night.
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