La Placita de Santurce San Juan, PR

Year Established: 1910

An indispensable stop during your visit to San Juan is the always dynamic “Plaza del Mercado” or marketplace known affectionately as “La Placita”. Established in 1910 over lands that were donated to the government for the purpose of opening said marketplace, “La Placita” can be accessed from Santurce’s “Parada 19” or Stop 19 (Nineteenth Street) on Ponce de León Avenue, as well as from Canals Street.

“La Placita” is still a bustling public market by day. Some of the freshest produce from all over the island can be purchased here from Monday to Saturday until 6pm, with plenty of fruits and vegetables always on display. The marketplace is open until noon on Sundays.

On nights and weekends, however, “La Placita” becomes a vivacious hot spot for nightlife – with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars lining its side streets, and adding their unique flavors to the surrounding activity.

The streets get more crowded on Thursday nights and through the weekend, with locals eager to blow off some steam from the work week, and bands often performing music on outdoor stages – their Caribbean rhythms filling the air.

Over a hundred years old and still as popular as ever – if not more – La Placita de Santurce is a picturesque marketplace by day and one of San Juan’s busiest social centers by night.

Additional Info:

Hours listed are for the "Plaza del Mercado". Bars and restaurants are open late night but not all open every day of the week.