Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico San Juan, PR
The museum’s collection features the work of contemporary latin-american artists, stretching back to the 1940s.

Year Established: 1984

Originally founded in 1984, Puerto Rico’s Museum of Contemporary Art found a permanent home in 2002: the Rafael M. de Labra historical building, which can be found where the bustling Ponce de León Avenue meets the Roberto H. Todd Avenue. Palm trees dapple the spacious inner courtyard, where visitors can sit down and admire the intricate restoration of the Georgian architecture of this building, originally constructed in 1918.

The museum’s collection features the work of contemporary artists from the Caribbean and all over Latin America, stretching back to the 1940s. Not all works in the permanent collection are exhibited at the same time. Instead, museum staff constantly curates exhibits with new and diverse themes. A glance at the museum’s recent acquisitions reveals emerging artists from all over Latin America working on media both traditional and new, often mixed in to form new configurations. There are also visiting exhibits that add to the many lenses with which visitors can appreciate new trends in art.

The museum also offers various public services such as access to an extensive archive of art-related documents at the Centro de Documentación Draco Rosa, named after a popular singer-songwriter. The gift shop carries much more than traditional mementos; it features the craftwork of lauded, local artisans. With its rich variety of exhibits open to the public, the MAC is the perfect museum for visitors to engage in the dialogue on how art continues to be redefined in the 21st century.