Bosque Estatal de Río Abajo Utuado, PR
nature park/reserve


Eco-minded tourists are in for a treat when they visit the Río Abajo State Forest in the municipality of Utuado, administered by the Department of Natural Resources. Just off Puerto Rico Highway 10 and near the breathtaking Lago Dos Bocas, the forest is located in the middle of Karst Country – as the northern interior mountainous part of the island is known.

After stopping by the Visitor’s Center, groups will want to make use of the basic camping facilities and gazebos available, if not immediately set off to enjoy the surrounding natural environment through forest walks, interpretive trails, and cave explorations.

This mostly subtropical wet forest is characterized by its irregular topography, which makes it one of the best representations of karst country on the island. Fresh water streams lead underground to limestone caves and back up to an abundance of beautiful plant species and wildlife.

The forest is home to 175 arboreal species and some 34 bird species that can be observed from Río Abajo’s many trails. Those lucky enough to spot the endangered Puerto Rican parrot will be glad to know that the nearby José Luis Vivaldi Lugo Aviary is where important recovery and reintroduction efforts for this species are carried out.
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