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Bahía Mosquito Vieques, PR
One of Vieques's most incredible features, considered to be the world’s brightest lagoon.
nature park/reserve


The island of Vieques is rife with the natural beauty of its untamed beaches and other unspoiled wonders. However, its most incredible feature is the spectacle found in the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay, considered to be the world’s brightest lagoon.

The folks at Island Adventures BioBay Tours make this unforgettable trip possible. After a brief introduction about what to expect at the bay, the tour leaves on a school bus from the nearby town of Esperanza towards Bahía Mosquito, ready to enjoy the show.

After boarding the floating platform boat, experienced guides will educate passengers about the surrounding terrain and the one-of-a-kind ecosystem that allows dinoflagellates – the tiny microorganisms that light up the bay – to thrive. The enclosed space of the lagoon, coupled with the protection provided by the mangrove forests surrounding it, cause a massive concentration of these creatures that glow when disturbed, resulting in the other-worldly light show.
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