Todo Coco Restaurant Fajardo, PR
Discover the new taste of coconut!

Year Established: 2008

Putting a creative twist on a native flavor, Todo Coco Restaurant is sure to generate curiosity among diners looking for a new gastronomic experience. Meaning “everything coconut”, Todo Coco’s premise is to include coconut as a key ingredient in its main dishes and house drinks. Its flavor is never over-powering and imbues traditional recipes with a pleasing, sweet taste.

Situated in the municipality of Fajardo, near the Puerto del Rey marina, the restaurant gives east coast tourists and families a unique and enjoyable option for lunch or dinner. Todo Coco’s menu has everything from chicken and shrimp to specialties like the Salmon Pocket, a salmon fillet stuffed with seafood, and the Churrasco with Chimicoco, a skirt steak suffused with a secret sauce. The elegantly presented entrees are usually complemented by classic side dishes like Arroz Mamposteao and Tostones.

In keeping with the restaurant’s theme, a gift shop inside the locale sells coconut-related products like massage oils and candles.

Visit Todo Coco Restaurant and discover the new taste of coconut.