Aquamar Steakhouse and Seafood Maunabo, PR
Try the coconut-battered shrimp, served with a mixture of guava, balsamic vinegar, and Puerto Rican style sauces


Nestled between mountain ranges that insulate it from neighboring municipalities, Maunabo is an unspoiled fishing town situated in the southeast corner of Puerto Rico. Aquamar Steakhouse and Seafood is located in front of one of the many pristine beaches bordering the area and is part of the magnificent view you’ll experience looking down to the shore from the nearby mountains.

The restaurant features two full-sized dining rooms to accommodate its customers – one offers a more relaxed experience, with open windows that welcome in the ocean breeze, while the main dining room provides a more intimate and warmly decorated setting, appropriate to fine dining.

An astonishing variety of exotic and high quality proteins help distinguish Aquamar from any other restaurant on the island. Ostrich, Kobe Beef, and Wild Boar Ribs are featured items on the menu, alongside more traditional fare, like a risotto prepared with filet strips, fennel, mushrooms, and manchego cheese. The Chuletón de Ternera or veal chop is also frequently served.

Proximity to the ocean in Puerto Rico virtually guarantees plenty of fresh seafood close by, and Aquamar does not disappoint. The ‘Torre de camarones empanados’ is the restaurant’s signature appetizer and consists of coconut battered shrimp served with a mixture of guava,balsamic vinegar, and Puerto Rican style sauces.

The restaurant boasts an impressive wine list, with over 300 different labels from all over the globe and 24 kinds of beer. Specialty drinks, like the Aquamar Rose or the Passion Parrot Margarita, round out the drink menu.

Maunabo’s unique geography and local culture may help it remain the quiet fishing town its been for long, but word of Aquamar’s unique dining experience is sure to spread around the island fast.
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