Cafelao Ponce, PR
...bringing us all a bit closer together as people – one cup of coffee at a time

Year Established: 2007

Coffee-lovers searching for new aromas and flavors have found their next stop in Cafelao, a coffee bar that caters to enthusiasts and serves 100% Puerto Rican coffee, hand-picked from the world-renowned Arabica trees that grow near the Island’s highest peaks.

Boasting over sixty different coffee concoctions, Cafelao’s ample selection includes prime examples of traditional drinks like the espresso and several iced coffee blends. Signature specialties include the self-explanatory ‘Coffee & Ice Cream’ and the Jameson Whiskey-infused ‘Irish Coffee’. Also try ‘the Ponceño’, a uniquely sweet coffee cocktail made with Don Q Premium Puerto Rican Rum and delicious, home-made whipped cream.

Set on the historic and much frequented La Guancha boardwalk in Ponce, and overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Cafelao’s location is ideal for the friendly conversations and impassioned discussions that are integral to the experience of drinking coffee and to Puerto Rican society as a whole. Poetry readings, live music, and open mic nights add to the bohemian nature of this open-air kiosk. Even non-coffee drinkers will appreciate the establishment’s laid-back communal atmosphere where ideas flow readily and opinions are shared openly, in the quest of bringing us all a bit closer together as people – one cup of coffee at a time.