Old Harbor Brewery San Juan, PR

Year Established: 2004

Located in Recinto Sur Street, the Old Harbor Brewery Steak and Lobster House opened its doors in 2005 and quickly became known for its unique selection of locally-brewed craft beers. Puerto Rico’s only microbrewery is the realization of the Díaz family’s dream of producing and serving their own high-quality beers. The establishment’s promise of great beer, food, and ambiance is realized inside a spacious building that once served as offices for the New York Federal Bank – and still maintains some of its original lamps from the 1920’s. Old Harbor offers an international menu with a Puerto Rican twist and is recognized for its Caribbean Spiny Lobster, which patrons can choose directly from the restaurant’s tank. The Mojito Frozen is a drink served frequently and is always made with some of the best Puerto Rican rums offered at the bar. The Old Harbor Brewery also features a variety of live entertainment, including local folk musicians, acoustic guitar trios, and a jazz band that entertains patrons every Friday night.
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