Bossa Nova Brazilian Bar & Grill San Juan, PR
...stands out from other options in Santurce’s ‘La Placita’ by staying true to it’s Brazilian roots.

Year Established: 2002

An indispensable stop in your visit to San Juan’s Santurce neighborhood is the always dynamic ‘Plaza del Mercado’. ‘La Placita’, as it’s affectionately known, thrives as a bustling public market by day – where vendors hawk their wares and some of the freshest produce from all over the island. On nights and weekends, however, the marketplace becomes a vivacious hot spot for nightlife – with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars lining its side streets, and adding their unique flavors to the surrounding activity.

Seductive rhythms emerging from Bossa Nova Brazilian Bar & Grill summon visitors to partake in the casual and relaxed atmosphere it’s famous for. Named after the influential musical movement that spawned generations of admirers, Bossa Nova is steeped in the Brazilian essence, from the characteristic melodies and decor to its menu and cocktails. Brazil’s national drink – the ‘Caipirinha’ – is an essential part of the Bossa Nova experience. Traditionally made with ‘cachaca’, sugar, and lime, Bossa Nova also offers many variations on the ‘Caipirinha’, that add other spirits or fresh fruit, like strawberries and kiwis, to the mix. Not your typical cheeseburger – the Bossa Burger is packed with flavors like Roquefort cheese and a special mayo made with garlic and herbs. Grilled to perfection and served on a fresh bun with a side order of homemade fries, the Bossa Burger keeps clients coming back for more and is sure to whet your appetite.

Bossa Nova Brazilian Bar & Grill stands out from other options in Santurce’s ‘La Placita’ by staying true to it’s Brazilian roots, and is quickly becoming the “new trend” implied by its namesake.
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