Sea Angel's Restaurant Santa Isabel, PR
...feel right at home and enjoy some of the freshest seafood on the island.
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Year Established: 2007

Essential to the Puerto Rican diet since the pre-Columbian days of the Taíno tribes, fresh seafood remains a favorite traditional flavor and highlight of Caribbean cuisine. Today’s hard-working local fishermen continue to play an integral role in coastal communities by providing nearby businesses like Sea Angel’s Restaurant with the catch of the day.

Sea Angel’s Restaurant is located in the southern coast municipality of Santa Isabel. The hour and a half drive from San Juan takes you on a scenic journey through the heart of Puerto Rico’s largest mountain range – the Cordillera Central – and down to the southernmost region of the island, also known as Porta Caribe. The restaurant provides a magnificent view overlooking the Caribbean Sea and several of its cays from the other side of Santa Isabel’s Malecón – or sea wall – to the delight of patrons ready to try some of Sea Angel’s specialties. The menu includes all kinds of traditional dishes like the classic Chillo frito – or fried Red Snapper – and the Mofongo relleno, mashed plantain stuffed with your choice of seafood. For drinks, try the frozen margarita or the refreshing Bailey’s Colada, a variant on the popular Piña Colada.

Open for lunch and dinner from Thursdays to Sundays, Sea Angel’s Restaurant offers one more reason to plan your next weekend excursion to Puerto Rico’s southern coast. With a family-oriented atmosphere that makes you feel right at home and some of the freshest seafood available on the island, perhaps it’s the only reason you need.
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